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Upper Park Design - The Rebel V3

Upper Park Design - The Rebel V3

Valmistajan kuvaus:

3 new color schemes
Further refined vertical storage with better spacing
Wider flap rainfly now with multiple attachment points
Fitted side walls for a more finished look while bag is open
Stronger coating on abrasion resistant - waterproof base

While the final product seems very minimalistic, the true complexity of the Rebel comes to light during manufacturing. From the multi panel design to the completely open front, the expertise required to construct this bag is unparalleled throughout the soft good industry. Including extreme hiking packs and the largest of luggage, the construction of the Rebel has been one of the biggest challenges for design and manufacturing. 

The original Rebel was extensively developed over the course of a year. Since it's initial release in 2013, the changes made have only helped secure the Rebel as one of the best disc golf backpacks ever made. From the design layout to the choice of materials, our obsessive attention to detail can be seen with every stitch. Weighing in at only 3lb 11oz, it sports the classic Upper Park style with the same focus on comfort and build quality. We paired our vertical storage with the common lower-level horizontal storage so capacity is an easy 25 discs. To keep the space flexible each bag includes two adjustable dividers that allow custom separation in the lower compartment. We've innovated on the classic mini pocket with our Quick-draw slot directly on the top of the bag. A flap access rainfly with taped seams (as they should be) comes standard, the over-sized pockets on each side are perfect for stuff-it accessories and there's even a strap to hold your chair or umbrella. If you're looking for corners we cut, you won't find them.

- 25 disc capacity
- Vertical & horizontal disc storage
- Lower compartment disc dividers
- Two external stuff-it pockets
- Quick-draw mini disc pocket
- Dual 32oz insulated water bottle pockets
- Flap-Access Rainfly
- Abrasion resistant - waterproof base
- Five wear resistant feet
- Soft protective pocket
- Durable, fitted shoulder straps
- Removable sternum strap
- Ventilated back panel
- 10 year warranty on manufacturing defects

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